28 May 2018
wedding planning

You’re engaged! Now What?

Here’s a list of 15 things to get you started with planning your wedding.

1. Budget – discuss numbers.

This isn’t the most enjoyable part of your wedding planning process but think realistically, what you can afford without putting yourselves under financial pressure after the wedding. Have a look at tips on what to expect when it comes to wedding costs. After which put numbers down on paper, this will help minimise stress and identify what’s really important to both of you. Once you are on the same page create an online checklist, so you can see what needs to be done and tick off tasks as you go along.

2. Your ideal wedding – what’s important?

Sit down together and figure out what you both expect from the day and how you picture your
wedding. He wants a jazz band during canapés, she wants a DJ for the reception. What flowers (2018 Flower trends) do we choose, will they go with the theme…what theme?…decor? Is your first dance to Frank Sinatra or are you doing the twist? Do the wedding invites need to be made of real gold… But seriously, figuring out what’s important to each of you will help you to plan a day which will really be special to you as a couple and individually.

3. Choosing the Date.

Look at a range of dates and how they will affect your guests, will your wedding require travel
and/or a night’s stay nearby. Venue costs will also range depending on the date you choose,
whether it is in or out of wedding season. The time of year, the season will affect your venue,
what you are wearing, the flowers you choose…
Sending out a save-the- date as early as possible will bring you peace of mind, as you will be able to make sure that everyone you want to be there is there – as your guests will be able to plan ahead, especially if they are going to need to travel, book hotel rooms, get wedding ready etc.

4. Choosing your venue.

Go and explore each venue, don’t just have a look at their website. Pictures are pictures, go and
see if the venue will hold all of your guests. Ask the right questions: do you need to supply your
own chairs… will they cater or do you hire independently? Do they have a backup plan for an
outside wedding, if it rains? Where can you take pictures, set-up lighting, is there an area for
dancing, for speeches… Most importantly: is the venue exactly what you had in mind, does it fulfil the dream?

5. The Guest-list.

Align the guest-list with your budget. Are you inviting every person you have ever crossed paths with – this is an expensive business. Do you want the big wedding or a more intimate gathering?This will go back to what’s important to you.

6. Research.

Don’t go in with a blindfold, research every detail. This will not only help you align with your
budget but also ensure exactly what you want. Make sure you hire the right professionals, they
must be passionate about what they do, if they share your vision for the day they will make the
process as enjoyable and stress-free as possible for you, this includes the lead-up. Keeping in
mind this is the day which kick-starts your married life together, the right people will only add to your experience. Your Research is going to entail more than just your venue, the date and your guest list:

7. The Dress

We find most ladies have been scrapbooking their dress since they were in high school, some
even earlier. Shop around, find something you love – don’t forget about comfort, you are going
to be on the move all day.

8. Menu and Bar

Once you have an idea about what you want to eat, just as you would do tastings to find the
right cake, so should you do the same with your menu. Whether or not you decide to have an
open bar is completely dependent on you, but who doesn’t love a whiskey?

9. Wedding cakes

Now, this is an art. One example of someone who really knows what she is doing is the Cake
, Sumaiya is an award-winning cake artist, located in the Western Cape. Taste around
and find a cake that is not only beautiful but also delicious.

10. Photographers and Videographers

Word of mouth is often a great start when it comes to finding the right people for the job. There
are so many talented photographers and videographers you just have to find someone whose
style you like. Who really knows how to capture the art of photography and have great ideas
when it comes to how to capture your day from beginning to end. We love working with MVR or Ant Hoard when it comes to videography and Modern Hearts or Dear Heart for photography.

11. Make-up and Hairstyles
You might already have someone in mind, the hairdresser who you have been committed to
might not like you cheating on your big day. Find the style you want to go with and have a trial
run with your dress on to make sure everything will run smoothly on the big day. Guys, at the
very least, get a haircut.

12. Wedding Officiants
A priest, a rabbi, a marriage officer  are just a few examples of who might officiate your wedding depending on your religious beliefs.

13. Sound and Lighting
Don’t skim on either, again find professionals like Silkmusic that supply the state of art JBL PA audio systems and only use the latest modern LED lighting.

14. Entertainment

One of the most important decisions to make for your wedding. You want to make sure you
both love who you choose, be it a band, DJ or a live saxaphonist. Can they play is your first
question of course and then move onto whether or not they can play the songs, you both love.
Also keep in the mind the environment you wish to create, will there be dancing or is it just background music for canapes.

15. Wedding Planners – If you need help, get help.
There are plenty of wedding planners who have the experience and expertise to plan your day. If it isn’t something you want to do yourself, look around until you have found someone who
shares your vision. A wedding planner is also ideal when you are working with a shorter timeline.


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  1. […] June is probably the deadest months in the wedding industry! What does this mean, we all have time to celebrate the SA Wedding – Bride of the year. This year the event was held at the beautiful Anura estate in the ‘Cooperage’.The venue itself is fairy new and we were super excited to check it out. Silkmusic was also the official music supplier/wedding DJ for this years event so it made it even more of an event for us. The evening all went to plan and the brides looked absolutely stunning. Our highlights from the evening were the amazing decor supplied by Lene of Authentic Planning  They always an point and go all out. Another surprise was the Instagram  booth supplied by Hanmade macrame. Such a beautiful piece, I’m sure we going to be seeing a lot more of her this next season. All images by the maizing Riaan West  If you haven’t read our last blog post on planning your wedding you can take a look here […]

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